"Growing up, our family always had large dogs as our family pet. I remember my dad use to joke around saying that a whole  dog is a dog that weighs more than 50 pounds. Any dog less than that he called a 'Half  dog!"

~ Sandra Rice

About us

Rice's German Shepherds

While it might be said that all animals have lessons to teach humans, the German Shepherd Dog has long been regarded as special when it comes to loyalty, versatility, and service to others.

         In 1999,  my husband came across an irresistible, loving and smart German Shepherd dog that was in need of a new home, we instantly fell in love and she quickly became a member of our family. Since that day, my passion and interests for German Shepherd Dogs has only grew stronger. Soon after she came to live with us, we began to search for an additional German Shepherd puppy for a companion for her.  

         During our search, we found that many people were breeding low quality German Shepherds, and possibly that they were over breeding and causing harm to the dams and puppies, alike. We felt these puppies were overpriced and/or of low quality. So, with this in mind, it became our passion to breed healthy, intelligent, well tempered, and beautiful German Shepherds, that loving families could afford.

        ‚ÄčSince then, we have successfully bred many litters, averaging no more than two litters a year to ensure the health of our dogs. As a result, our puppies are healthy and happy. We strongly believe that with proper care, training and discipline a person can have a brilliant dog that is up for any task.