German Shepherd dogs are most know for exceptional intelligence, along with their obedience and fearless. They are incredibly loyal to their owner, provided the human have made it apparent that they are the alpha.  Socialization is important for all breeds, but especially so for smart, powerful dogs like the German Shepherd Dog.  They also prefer company and should not be on their own for extended periods of time and should be given a job to do, so they don't get restless.

Please do research before considering adding a German shepherd to your family.  I can only give you my opinion of my experiences and research. They are awesome family dogs when provided proper socialization and trained to have manners to be sure that they know they are the dog and you are the humans. Children as well as the puppy need to be trained to know how to act around each other. Like a child and a stove, teaching them it is hot and not to touch.  A child needs to be guided so it knows it is a dog not a stuffed animal or the like.  Keeping all in mind, they are the best dog to own, in my opinion and many others that  own these dogs.